About Us

We are a young passionate group of musicians and furniture makers who wanted to make some unique looking studio furniture and mix the traditional woods sophisticated look with the 21st century's modern design.

We have managed to come up with a design which successfully combines the two styles that include the desired practicality and comfort, and we liked it so much that we had to share it with everyone!

We determined to follow this path and bring you more of this unique design mixture in the future for the beginner and professional alike.

We would love to hear about you so don`t hesitate to contact us if you have any kind of a question!

About Our Products

Our handcrafted products are not only made of real hardwood but also made for life!

Our studio desks are small in size but they can hold maximum of 6 U1 or 2 U2 and 2 U1 equipment and even a 93 cm wide and 10 cm high keyboard can fit onto the drawer.

Cable organisers on the back side of the desk can make your cables tidy and well organised thus easier to handle plus we give a few more to make everything really organised!

Our desks have a Master plug surge protected extension lead with lifetime surge protection manufacturer guarantee!

Those days are gone! All are desks have a built in USB hub within arm's reach to make your life a bit more comfortable and you can use it to charge your phone while working and it has 2 metres of cable to reach your computer.

The engraved pen holder will put a stop to that.

Not our desks! You can assemble it without needing a toolbox.

No problem. Our large sized desks have 12U rack space and a spacious 31cm wide top shelf and a massive drawer that can fit any keyboard on the market.