Massive Custom is a service which can make your desk truly unique.

We know that we can't make our desks to suit everyone needs. Some will need more U-s some will need a deeper drawer.

We can modify our desk according to our customers needs. Drawer extension, rack space, height, colour. All can be changed or modified to certain extent.

First, you have to contact us and tell us what you would like to modify. Then we will check if the modifications are doable and we'll get back to you a soon as possible.

We have to re-design the required desk to suit your needs so the time we'll need is dependent on the level of modifications. We will provide you with the exact time we'll need to do your unique desk.

We can take fully custom desk orders. You present your needs and we will present you with a plan.

We're going to tell the truth. It could cost more than the basic desk but it's totally up to the level of modification. (It might not even change the price.